2 years ago

Google Logo on the Earth Day!…is it only me, or it really is kinda hard to read? :D

3 years ago

Google celebrates the 50th anniversary of the human spaceflight :)

3 years ago

Google’s Logo dedicated for Robert Bunsen’s 200th day! 

Kinda hard to read, eh?:)

3 years ago

Is it time to admire…or actually time to pray?

Pyramid Giza yang masih sepi pengunjung.  Ntah kenapa ngeliat foto ini gwe merasa…..galau. Nyeeh -___-“

(from Detikcom)

3 years ago

Thomas Edison 164th’s Birthday on Google’s logo !

3 years ago

Noah’s Ark in the top of a hotel.
Well, actually, as most of you might be known already, yes, that’s Marina Bay Sans Hotel located on Singapore. Sadly we can’t get a room at that hotel because they’re already full-booked. Well, our bad tho, nobody can get a room easily especially on the Chinese New Year like that time :|

The Esplanade and The Buildings Surround

These are some that you can see at Singapore Living Gallery at the National Museum of Singapore.  In National Museum of Singapore there are 4 parts of Singapore Living Gallery.  There are Singapore Living Gallery for Film and Wayang, Fashion, Photography, and Foods

3 years ago

These pictures taken from the Orchard Road, Singapore.  I sat in front of Nge Ann City (which has Takashimaya inside), just finished my Shawarma (or we call it Kebab) and found an idea to capture that moment.  Well, I still learn how to catch many expression with a camera tho, soo…just enjoy it! ;)

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